I love the personal nature of what I do, my work can take me to one of the lowest and darkest places in someone’s world. In some small way I have the opportunity through Celebrate Me to help them through such an emotional time.

Providing families with so many options to help celebrate their loved one is such an honour. But knowing I have helped so many families create some happy memories of their loved ones final goodbye….. is absolutely priceless.

I’m very passionate about what I do. I love to talk to people about Celebrate Me. Of course I’m very wary about ensuring I tread lightly at first.  Many people can be uncomfortable talking about funerals and saying goodbye to their loved ones. But once they open up – my goodness – the stories they tell. And believe me when I say EVERYONE has a story. I feel so privileged to be told so many stories of your loved ones, Thank You.

We’ve produced an introductory video for Celebrate Me, I’ve posted it above. So if you’re not sure about exactly what we are all about – take a look.


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