There are many reasons when it might be appropriate to video or live stream a life celebration ceremony.

In the event your loved one has a terminal illness there is also the opportunity to undertake a photo shoot or videography session before they die. This can be a wonderful opportunity to leave a legacy for other family members and children.

Slide shows are a wonderful way to share photo and video memories of loved ones at a life celebration service. Many funeral service providers will be able to put together a simple slide show with photos your family and friends supply.

If you're looking for something a little more personalised and professional this can become a stand out at the service and can provide a wonderful memento for family and friends to keep after the ceremony. 

Following the death of a loved one it is not always possible for everyone to make it to the life celebration ceremony (especially if they are living overseas). There are many options available to have them there, or provide them the opportunity to still see the service if they are unable to attend.

Sometimes when attending a service during a time when you are grieving it can be hard to take it all in, which is why a video of the service can be a lovely memento to watch later on at home. Having the service on video provides a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to have a  lasting legacy of the event as well.

There are many providers across New Zealand that can provide this service.  Please have a look in the Business Directory at the providers in your area and contact them directly for further information.