Life Celebrants

Anyone is able to facilitate a funeral service for you, some people opt for the traditional funeral director, and others wish to use the services of a life celebrant or even a family friend. Sometimes if you have used a celebrant for previous family events you may wish to use this same person as they are already familiar with your family.

Usually a Funeral Director will assist with the organisation of the service however you are free to choose the Celebrant that will facilitate the ceremony.

If you are unsure where to start when choosing a provider to facilitate what you are after, have a look through the articles and resources page on 'choosing a funeral director/life celebrant'. This will provide you with some information on things to consider when choosing the right celebrant for you or your loved one.

There is currently no legislation governing the use of life celebrants for funeral services so anyone is able to undertake the role of Celebrant for a funeral service. There are associations that celebrants can be members of (e.g. Celebrants Association of New Zealand) that have quality standards, and codes of ethics which can help provide you with assurance of the quality of the service you should receive.

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