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General Information about Funerals

Citizens Advice Bureau - Funeral and registration of Death information

Choosing a funeral director - New Zealand Funeral Directors Association

Choosing a funeral celebrant - International College of Celebracy

Government Funeral Grant Information - Work and Income NZ

Life and Death: The Journey In-between - The Davis Way

Funerals take on a personal twist - NewsHub

Kiwi burials set to change - NewsHub

Consider a living funeral, South Canterbury woman urges - Stuff NZ

Funeral song list shows sense of humour - Stuff NZ

Donors gift of hope - Stuff NZ

Tougher rules for NZ Funeral Industry - Radio NZ

Death and Dying - Ruth McManus and Rosemary Du Plessis. 'Death and dying', Te Ara - the Encyclopedia of New Zealand

Funeral Etiquette - Hall & Co Funeral Directors

Major overhaul of death and funeral laws recommended by Law Commission - Stuff NZ

Customs and Religious protocols -

New research shows death down under is different - Sally Raudon

Waikumete Cemetery reveals behind the scenes - NewsHub

New Zealand’s generosity in the spotlight – Include A Charity Week.

From coffin to plot, grave issues get demystified - Waikato Times

We Need To Talk About Death And Spark The Gentlest Revolution Imaginable - The Huffington Post

Decision to add natural burial ground to Kelvin Grove cemetery disappoints - Manawatu Standard

Children at Funerals - Broadbent and May

Broaching the funeral subject - Broadbent and May

How to avoid extra grief after a death - NZ Herald

Christchurch to run out of burial plots in 10 years - The Press

Christchurch City Council bans pre-purchase of burial plots at six cemeteries - The Press

Funeral planning sessions held at Tauranga parish -

Marlborough funeral company notices shift in trends - Stuff NZ

Funeral fireworks...why Kiwis go out with a bang - Stuff NZ

Military personnel remains to be brought home - NZ Veterans' Affairs

World's first digital tombstone in Slovenia lets visitors see photos and videos of the deceased - Daily Mail

Non-traditional funerals are changing how families and loved ones say goodbye - The Sydney Morning Herald

The future of the funeral - Dr Alan Wolfelt

Memorial and remembrance ideas

Keepsake Jewellery made with Funeral Flowers -

34 Unique memorial service ideas - Urns Online

Family Story Service -


Options for Funerals

Natural burials the way to go - Stuff NZ

Eco-conscious funerals on the rise - NZ Herald

Indian burial customs adapted for the NZ generation - By Brenda Cottingham

Dealing with death in a kiwi way - Dominion Post

Death and Dying: Information for different Asian cultures and religions - Asian Health Support Services

Customs and religious protocols -

A Parting Gift - donating your body to science - Stuff NZ

Cadaver surge timed with the seasons - Stuff NZ

Medical school puts limit on rush of body bequests -

Catholic Funerals - information on catholic funeral traditions

DIY Funerals - information to have a DIY funeral

Putting DIY Funerals on NZs radar - Stuff NZ

Organ Donation: Wellington man donates to seven people - Stuff NZ

When the spirit is willing - Stuff NZ

Campaigner urges organ donor register to lift NZ's low donation rates - Stuff NZ

Natural Burials -

Natural Cemeteries in New Zealand -

The ultimate kiwi resting place a woollen coffin - NZ Herald 

New rules to allow natural burials in Dunedin - Otago Daily Times

Green funerals growing - The Timaru Herald

Coffin club set to help Marlborough members with final send off - Stuff NZ

Kiwis opting for cardboard caskets - NewsHub

Happy Funerals: A celebration of life? - BBC News

New Zealand considers whole family cemeteries -

Doing Death Differently: today's funerals are not like they used to be - The Guardian

First 'digital tombstones' launched - Funeral Service Times UK

Natural Burials now possible in Invercargill - Stuff NZ

More families opting to take control of the funeral process - Stuff NZ

How to wrap a body in a burial shroud for a natural burial - Urns Online 

How to bury a goldfish - UrnsOnline


Te Hokinga ā Wairua End of Life Service - Department of Internal Affairs

What to expect when someone is dying - Mary Potter Hospice

Planning Your Funeral - Broadbent and May

What you need to do when someone dies - New Zealand Government

When someone dies overseas - New Zealand Government

Veterans Affairs Funeral Expenses - NZ Veterans Affairs

WINZ Funeral Grant - Work and Income

ACC Funeral Grant - Accident Compensation Corporation

Compassionate Airfares - Air New Zealand

Compassionate Request - Jetstar

Resources on Grief - NZ Funeral Directors Association

Arranging a Funeral - what you can do yourselves: A New Zealand Guide - by Philip Tomlinson

My Life, My Funeral Kit - NZ Funeral Directors Association

Catholic Funerals - Funeral Mass Planner Guide - Catholic Funerals New Zealand

Protocols and Customs at the time of a Maori Death - by Anahera Herbert

Your Baby's Funeral - Information for parents, family or whānau on planning the funeral of a baby who has died - Sands NZ.

When a Baby Dies - NZ Funeral Directors Association

Resources and Support (a series of booklets) - The Grief Centre

Tangi/Funeral Resource - a bilingual Maori and English resource for the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand

When Caring Ends - Carers New Zealand

After a Suicide - practical information for people bereaved by suicide - Ministry of Health

When Death is Near - Supporting Others - Carers New Zealand

Crisis and Trauma Reactions - Victim Support

Bereaved parents share their stories of loss and hope -

Beyond words - grieving when your child has died - Andrew Thompson and Tricia Irving Hendry

Death Without Warning - Information and Support after an Unexpected Death (third edition) - Lynne Ewart, Hazel Neser and Tricia Irving Hendry, Skylight

Managing Trauma, Loss and Grief in the Workplace - Tricia Irving Hendry

Suddenly it is goodbye - A story for everyone who has lost a sibling - Stefanie Backhouse-Rudolph

Ageing is Living - Recipes for Life - Age Concern New Zealand

How do I report a deceased person or an account on Facebook that needs to be memorialized - Facebook

Contemporary funerals and mourning practices. An investigation of five secular countries - Sally Raudon

Enduring Power of Attorney Forms - Super Seniors NZ - Ministry of Social Development

Reaching out for help when you are grieving - Dr Alan Wolfelt

How to talk about death with your children - Cigna NZ Blog

Grieving the Death of a Celebrity - Dr Alan Wolfelt

Why anticipatory grief is so powerful? - The Caregiver Space